GST Suvidha Provider Partner

Everex is the sole and master franchisee of Hazel Mercantile Limited (HML) for providing GST services. Keeping in consideration, specifically the Indian markets Everex Infotech provides franchisee services for HML’s GST API software. The GST API has customized modules for Registration, Returns, Payments, Ledger Maintenance, etc., to generate specific invoicing format as is generally prevalent in organizations. Additionally the other business generated documents and invoices involving GST like sales and purchase invoices, receipts, credit/debit notes, payment/refund vouchers, etc at competitive prices.
All GST system functionalities like registration, return filing, payment of taxes, uploading of invoices will be managed by Everex through GST API. All return filings under GST and related services will be managed by Everex on behalf of its clients, within nominal costs.

Open Source Application Development

 Everex offers open source development that helps businesses save on efforts, resources, time and money. Quality compliant and fully customizable solutions with superior performance and high scalability are the advantages gained from our open source development. Everex utilizes latest technologies help our clients benefit through open development and open data to improve their overall business with comparatively economical development costs and more flexibility of usage.

We offer customized software solutions as per your specifications and requirements. Our customized business solutions are developed to explicitly suit your business process and Operational requirements.

Website Design & Development

 Everex offers web applications that can be customized as per requirement, are unique, business driven, interactive, cost-effective, and highly innovative. Our website designs and development help in building your brand and a positive user experience. We can design and develop websites, mobile sites, site maps, style boards, site hosting, scalable net hosting, etc. We also help you improve your website speed, provide integration with social apps, payment solutions, manage dedicated web servers, Email Solutions, FTP Hosting, Domain name Registration services, etc.ts.

Cloud Solutions & Services

Cloud computing provides a wide range of cloud computing solutions like web application hosting, cloud storage, virtual private servers, databases, backup and monitoring, eCommerce, digital marketing, etc.

Everex Infotech brings uninterrupted cloud service availability for clients through on-premise, hybrid and public cloud deployment. Everex Infotech offers cloud solutions – both public and private clouds that are hybrid and scalable. These consist of software running on your own hardware to give you easy scalability, control, centralized security mechanisms as well as real-time monitoring. The services include Cloud solutions that present Infrastructure as a Service like providing fundamental computing needs, storage, mobile and network services, Platform as a Service to offer application servers and database host servers, serverless computing  Software as a Service, etc.

IT Infrastructure Management Solution

IT infrastructure is the backbone of business and managing it efficiently can help you stay ahead in the digital world. Everex Infotech possesses latest technologies for infrastructure maintenance like enterprise networking, enterprise security, infra consulting, data centers, IT infrastructure operation management and transformation, etc services to help with centralized monitoring, flexibility and optimizing of IT infrastructure and applications.
With a wide continuum of proven infrastructure services and solutions that are enterprise efficient, secure, and cost-effective, Everex Infotech helps design and plan your IT architecture with optimal efficiency to reduce costs, accelerate delivery within SLAs, increase operational efficiencies, get better ROI and simplify IT management.

Education & Training

Everex Infotech’s training and knowledge division can help you with career path and certification planning to the selection of courses that fit your budget and meet your specific learning goals. The experts who train you also help you out by discussing and knowing your needs relative to your goals and guide you with customized courses when required.

The introductory session to get you acquainted with the trainers and training also helps you with identification of certifications and courses that meet your training objectives within your budget. Additional flexibility is provided based on geographical location to select from onsite, mobile and/or online courses for timings ranging from day to evening, weekends, etc that can be accommodated in your busy schedule.

Mobile Application Development

Everex has developed mobile software applications for our customers that lets them interact real-time, anywhere and anytime through a mobile solution. Our user-friendly mobile computing solutions give dual advantages of wireless technology and reduced cost of ownership. Whatever the mobile solution requirements, our skilled teams provide optimal mobile applications with strategies for transforming the mobile application usage while maximizing ROI.
Everex can customize and offer remote management, managed mobile computing solutions such as wireless LAN and mobile application hosting and updates for mobile computing devices. Everex also provides end-user support and help desk services to support business-critical mobile applications.