Sky ERP – GST Plus is a comprehensive web based application that lets you gain better control in business operations related to GST Compliance. Giving you extra benefits and plus features, the GST Plus has all the features of our GST API and additional advantages for those who want more out of life. This software is designed predominantly to reduce overheads, improve efficiency and manage non-core business functions while ensuring that all GST calculations are compiled for all the following features too.

  • The advantages of User Level Features like user defined fields, add, modify access rights at all levels, access and authorization controls, multi company additions, multi user licenses, HSN Code / Chapter Wise auto duty control, output compatibility with pdf, MS word, MS excel,
  • GST in Inventory control Management with Inventory control for RM/SF/CG/FG, Bills of Material, Valuation on LIFO/FIFO/Average, Wastage / Scrap Management, Work In Progress / IN plant Stock, etc and related reports.
  • GST calculations in Order management inclusive of purchase order, inventory management, Material Requisition Slips.
  • Inquiry Letter / Email to Vendors, Quotation Receipts, Comparison between Statement of Quotations Purchase Orders, Goods Receipt Note (GRN), Purchase / Procurement related documents and all reports.
  • Job work related documentation and reports, GST Compliance and consultant features, MIS and analytical reports, data export functionality, escalation functionality along with development tools.

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