Tele Check



TeleCheck© is an easy-to-use telecom solution that gives detailed information on telecom usage and telecom costs. TeleCheck captures and gathers usage data to facilitate consolidated reporting and analysis of an organization’s telecom usage and help make informed telecom network planning decisions. TeleCheck helps identify erroneously listed calls, mistimed calls, and calls billed at incorrect rates too.

TeleCheck works with any telephone system that provides SMDR/CDR (Call Detail Record) information, helping make valuable use of data already available through the telephone system. It supports collection and processing of SMDR/CDR (Call Detail Record) information from all telecom sources (on-premise PBX and VoIP servers, Centrex and other hosted services, local and long distance carriers, conference services and wireless handsets

TeleCheck advantages are:

  • Allocate telecommunication charges easily for combined or shared landline, cellular and other business data.
  • Determine if the organization is over or under trunked by identifying busy hours and track trunks being used during busy hours.
  • Store the call record information from the phone system.
  • Get telecom reports on demand or on an automated schedule. All reports can be viewed on the computer’s screen, saved to hard drive, e-mailed or viewed on the web.
  • TeleCheck provides a multitude of reports in which the frequently requested reports include:
    • Longest calls by extension
    • Most expensive calls by extension
    • Most frequently dialled numbers
    • General summary reports
    • Account code reports for project billing
    • Departmental reports
    • Trunk utilization
    • Area code reports
    • Caller id reporting

Apart from the mentioned features TeleCheck also offers:

  • Real-time data collection
  • ANI/ caller id deluxe reporting
  • SMDR failure alarm
  • Fraud alert detection
  • Web enabled reports with permission–based access
  • IP–based calls support
  • Graphical reports
  • Call editing capability
  • User authorization codes
  • Tracks ring time, on hold time and abandoned calls (phone system dependent)
  • Multi-User support

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