7 Must-have features in correspondence management and automation software

Have you ever thought how much of your office time is spent in creating, reading and receiving official correspondence? As per the latest report of International Data Corporation (IDC) on an average, a knowledge worker spends two and half hours of his office hours or roughly one-fourth of the workday in dealing with one or another form of official correspondence. Despite spending so much time in dealing with office communication many correspondences get lost in the mess of our daily interactions or some critical emails are overlook or some important tasks missed their deadlines due to lack of follow up. Correspondence management and automation software help you to overcome these challenges.

Correspondence management and the automation system can save you precious time and resources by simplifying drafting and replying of emails using templates, creating a centralized repository of office correspondences, retrieving a particular correspondence, building a draft of letters and many more.

While correspondence management and automation systems differ in their features and functionalities a good correspondence management must have some core features such as:

Contact Management: The contact management feature of the software enables you to store complete customer profile along with their past interactions and engagement in a simplified manner. You can see everything right from his contact info, to his social media profile and his points of engagement on one single platform. Additionally, you can keep track of emails, phone calls and every interaction that you had with your customer in the past. It also facilitates a smooth import of contacts from other applications such as MS Outlook and MS Excel.

Email Management: Any correspondence and management software is incomplete without this feature. The email management feature lets you automatically create archives of all emails that you sent or received. You can store your emails based on date, contact, or a particular keyword. By archiving your emails you can keep them in a separate folder- means there is less chance of accidentally deleting an important email or conversation. Archiving also ensures that your inbox is kept clean and all your attachment are stored in a safe place. Additionally, it allows you to retrieve all your emails without any hassle whenever you want them.

Correspondence automation with MS-word: This feature of correspondence management software helps you to create a customized letter in minutes using pre-defined letter templates. The pre-designed letter templates contain your company logo and fields that hold the information. But the data(customer information, number, dates) that needs to be merged is somewhere in the repository. The correspondence automation feature lets you connect with the repository where the information is stored and merges that data with the pre-designed letter template to give you the output in the desired format. The auto-save option then saves the letter automatically and assigns a unique document ID to it. Thus by automating the correspondence process you can save time, money and frequency of human errors.

Correspondence status tracking: The correspondence tracking feature of the software lets you track emails and other electronic correspondence that you receive from external parties such as customers, suppliers, mergers, investors and key stakeholders. By using this feature you can capture all business correspondence originating from different sources in different forms and convert them into digital documents or files to store them in a searchable archive. This correspondence then you can route to appropriate department/person based on access rights and roles. Correspondence tracking also lets you know whether the recipient has opened your email or not. Besides this, you can retrieve any letter, emails, and conversation as and when required.

Correspondence log record: This feature allows you to create a correspondence log of all incoming/outgoing emails and letters. Correspondence log enables you to track and manage all correspondence including phone calls, faxes, e-mails, and other documents. By maintaining a correspondence log you can easily track details such as who the sender is, how the correspondence was sent, the date on which it was sent, as well as, comment, status, and the urgency/priority of the matter. The correspondence log also lets you access information easily as it is stored at a centralized location.

Quick retrieval of past correspondence: This is another important feature that you would like to have in your correspondence management and automation software. This feature allows you to retrieve any past correspondence of a particular contact/customer instantly. The advanced search option of the software allows you to perform a complex search based on multiple parameters or by typing a word or phrase from the correspondence that you want to search. This feature also allows you to list current (today’s) correspondence as well as all correspondence occurring between a specific period.

Greeting management: Remembering and sending greeting on special days i.e birthdays, anniversaries, spouse birthdays, foundation days is a cumbersome task if done manually. The greeting management feature of the software allows you to keep track of all these special days and events. It reminds you about the birthdays and anniversaries before the due date of the event and also automates the process of generating greeting letters for that event. It simplifies the entire process of mail merge and email merge to generate greeting letters and emails. Additionally, it also prints mailing labels in predefined sizes that need to be stuck on the envelope.

To facilitate and streamline the process of correspondence management we have developed a state-of-art correspondence automation and management solution esecretary. Built on cloud platform this solution assists you in managing all secretarial and organizational tasks, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing office turnaround time. It allows you to store all emails, transactions, and communication at one centralized location thus making it accessible to only those who have access rights.