Accelerate your business with the Best AMC Management Software

Accelerate your business with the Best AMC Management Software

What is AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)

Annual Maintenance Contract is the complete process that checks the status of the equipment which are sold to the consumers. It monitors whether the equipment is running smoothly and also for any potential breakdowns.

A breakdown of any small or major equipment in a company may bring the entire working process to a standstill and the business may face severe losses in terms of money and cannot complete the client orders on time. Thus, it is important for the companies to regularize the service of the equipment before the risk arises of any hazardous breakdown.

What is an AMC Management Software?

AMC management software is web-based software for field service management of businesses and services. It is designed in a way to enhance end to end field operations from raising complaint ticket booking, and scheduling tasks to tracking field technicians and engineers.

The practice to use a robust AMC Management Software will keep the technicians and the customers well-informed about the due date of the maintenance and service of the equipment and thus avoid loss of any time or orders.

Types of Annual Maintenance Contracts

There are different types of AMCs that are implemented in the service and maintenance of products and equipment. The comprehensive AMC includes the replacement of spares along with the labour costs. In such an AMC there is no additional cost in case any spare is damaged but such damage should not be due to reason of fire or electrical damage.

Other types of AMC may include technician cost and spare replacement of only a certain specified category such as chemical, rubber or plastic. A labour cost only AMC will only cover the service and maintenance charges and all other charges will come with an additional cost to the client.

Consumers may also prefer to have a preventive AMC, wherein the equipment and spares are serviced and maintained regularly before such equipment can reach the risk of breakdown. A classic example of this type of AMC is automobile servicing, where the oil and brake pads are changed after a certain run of kilometers.

The industries that can get benefitted from AMC management software are as follows

• Electronic

• Electrical

• Software

• Automobile

• Marketing & Sales

• Finance

• Insurance

• Healthcare

• Mechanical

• Household Appliances

Features of WiseTrack as an AMC Management Software

1. Manages Annual Maintenance Contract obligations

2. Monitors warranty of a sold product or equipment

3. Checks AMC expiry dates and sends renewal reminders

4. Send auto SMS/Email to the client to notify them of expired AMCs

WiseTrack is a cloud-based field service management software that empowers your service business to plan, prioritize and execute every field operation. This software is affordably priced and caters to every industry and its specific needs.

If you’re looking to implement an AMC software in your Organization, then WiseTrack is the best software to streamline the processes amongst the organization, clients and technicians. For more information, please click here - Or Get in Touch – Call - + 91 8104345257