Telecheck Software

Seven important features that you must look for before buying a telephone monitoring and management software.

Choosing the right telephone monitoring and management software isn't as easy as it seems. There are a plethora of companies offering telephone monitoring software, each promising to be best, most cost-effective and simple to use features. You need to get through each one of them precisely, only then you will be able to know what exactly each software has to offer and how it will be beneficial to you.

To help you out, we have mentioned below seven important features that you must look for before embarking on the purchase of telephone monitoring and management software.

First, the software must have the ability to track incoming and outgoing calls. As a business owner, sales manager or a marketing manager, you would like to know the exact source of the call that you received. Call tracking allows you to know exactly where the incoming call to your company has comes from. Besides this, tracking allow you to assess your return on investment on the various marketing campaign that you carried out as a part of your marketing strategy. It also helps you to know how your business is doing in terms of sales, marketing and customer service.

Second, the software must be able to register all chargeable and non-chargeable calls. Registration of chargeable and non-chargeable call allows you to verify the authenticity of bills received from the telephone service provider.

Third, the software must be able to segregate the telephone bills department wise. Many companies or organizations are divided into several departments/user accounts for greater operational efficiency and reducing the cost. Each department has its extension number thus making the whole telephone system more complex. Thus the software must be able to generate department wise and user account wise telephone bills.

Fourth, the software must have the ability to differentiate between personal and official calls and mark them separately. Personal calls made by employees from the office telephone not only cause monetary loss but also diminish office productivity. By marking the personal call separately you can put an end office telephone abuse.

Fifth, the software must have a mechanism to fix the budget (fixing calling limit) for local, national and international calls. Once the budget is exhausted the software should not allow to make calls from that extension.

Sixth, the software should discern automatically if a PABX system is utilized properly and is working to its full potential. It should keep an eye on working of PABX system and can make alert notification If a particular telephone line is not working so that necessary follow-up with the service provider can be done immediately.

Last, and most important, the software should have a support centre to ascertain the peak hours of the incoming and outgoing calls and accordingly arrange the necessary strength of customer care executives. It should also generate a necessary monthly report of the same.

One such software that stands the test is Telecheck. This state-of-art software solution has all the essential features from call tracking to managing telephone expenses and generating user wise reports. It is an ideal solution for large as well as and mid-size companies operating in the field of hospitality, medicines and support centres.