4 Website Designing and Development Trends in 2022

A website design with a catchy and user-friendly interface could be just the thing you need to get an extra edge over your competitors. With the market inclination towards more and more digital marketing side, your website is the first impression and also the face of your organization. A good website design and development company can help you design and develop a niche website.

In this era of globalization, where geographical limitations are no more a restriction to your business, your website can make your products/services reach out to the masses in large. A good website may also eliminate the need of having a physical office in each region when you want to reach out to your target audience. Thus also saving the costs of office space and employees. Depending upon the nature of your business, it is always a good idea to invest in your website and your IT staff, as it is more productive. That said, it is advisable to get your website developed from the best website development company.

We have all in our recent years spent a lot of time browsing the internet and also shopping from E-commerce websites.

How many times have you clicked away instantly, because of the appearance, complicated design or non-mobile friendliness of a website ?

Let us have a look at some of the emerging trends in web designing and website development.

1. One Pager Websites

With the rise in browsing internet on the mobile as well as increased time spent on social media, one pager websites are easy to load , simple, fast and responsive. In such a template all the important content is placed strategically on the same page in a long-scrolling layout. It is recognized by each best website development company as user-friendly, uncluttered as well as having a decent click-through rate.

2. Light-on-dark Colour Theme

A light on dark theme website, also known as dark theme website or night mode website is a low-light UI that displays mostly dark surfaces. A dark theme can help highlight a specific call to action. It helps to improve visual ergonomics by reducing eye strain, adjusting brightness to current lighting conditions, and facilitating screen use in dark environments. Additionally it is also known for conserving battery power. Website design and development companies suggests that dark themes demonstrate formality and sophistication. In this type of website a dark theme can be turned on (or off) using a control that is displayed sometimes using an icon toggle to turn the theme on or off.

3. Abstract Web Design

A website with abstract illustrations is inclusive of multiple art and designs. This type of website helps capture ideas, express emotions, and invite site visitors to interact in engaging ways. The abstract images used on the web design brings out the visual interest in users as opposed to simple block colour or text.

As abstract design is symbolic and less descriptive, it leaves plenty room for interpretation. It is an approach which is against the conventional web design methods where the elements have definable figurative appearances.

4. Typography

Typography and sing fonts of unusual size is a an experimental trend for this year. These websites may use text and words in such a way that they become more of a graphic element. Typography enhances the creative design of the text on your website. The best website development companies are pairing these fonts with styled aspects This includes the font pairings you choose as well as stylized aspects such as letter leading, kerning and tracking. Some website design and development companies have also found creative ways to make their text move and play upon the action of the users mouse.

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