Why Choose Us

Everex’s products increase efficiency, reduce dependencies and are cost efficient.

Everex Infotech caters to multiple domains and provides a competitive advantage over other competitors. Everex is the sole distributor for Hazel Infotech products. We care for the small and medium business organizations and know that they have to manage their software and infrastructure needs in tight-fisted budgets. So our products are the most competitively priced in the market.

Customized solutions for your organization’s needs.

We research on what is the best suited for you and provide you with products and solutions that have increased flexibility and adaptability to change. Scaling up or down as per your requirements is easily possible through our customizable solutions suite.

Our success begins and ends with you.

We know that our success depends on yours. For us customer satisfaction is the highest priority. This is achieved at Everex through rapid and continuous delivery by the development teams who have exposure and expertise with cutting edge technologies to back them and all the necessary tools and support.

Quality products with ongoing support.

Our suite of products has been tested by our internal teams and is quality compliant. To provide you with the best of our services we provide you with continuous support for all your technology as well as software and service requirements. We work with the philosophy that customer collaboration takes precedence over contract negotiation. So we encourage stakeholders and developers to collaborate on a daily basis so that requirements are perfectly taken care of.

One stop for all your needs

We have the entire range of products for all your technology, software, infrastructure and organizational needs. We have solutions in multiple industries because we are aware that there is so much competition that if you are unable to meet customer needs immediately, their competitors will beat them to it. As all our services can be made independent of each other as well as interpedently, we can provide you with the option which is best suited. You have the advantage of getting all your services with maintenance, transfer from existing to new systems and implementation with us.

We follow the agile way of thinking, planning and working.

Agile is all about delivering value and collaborating with customers to fully answer a customer’s needs. This helps in rapid deployment of solutions, reduced waste through minimization of resources and increased success through more focused efforts. This also ensures that the final deliverables fit the customer’s needs better.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

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Cloud Optimization

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