5 things to look for in your GST software !!

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1. Security

Needless to say, in today’s digital business security is one of the most significant assurances. Secure software will protect classified business information and avoid any sort of agreement that may pose a threat to your business. You need to assure that the best GST software you buy is robust not only in return filing but also from the data protection point of view as well.

2. Multi-Platform Adaptability

Under the new government, every business has to be compliant – there is little choice of a choice. The concept of invoice matching has been included which will assure that every taxable self in the value chain files his/her billing GST software on time. This will directly influence the compliance rating of businesses. Thus, to keep up with these compliance demands the GST software your purchase should be allowed on varied platforms and must be accessible from desktop, tablets or mobile phones at any point in time, increasing the ease of doing online return filing.

3. Flexibility

Many large companies are already using one version of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software to manage their business transactions and record or report processes. Even small and medium businesses for that matter have accounting mechanisms for book-keeping. In such an environment, setting up new master data in a new application (GST online Software) is not a probable option. The GST software provider must be flexible enough to blend with existing systems and present a seamless experience.

4. Cognizance

Under the GST regime, a normal taxpayer listed in one state will have to record twenty-five returns during a financial period. If we look into the dynamics of today’s companies, most brands are pan-India or have a global client base. Taking the example of a single online seller who works all over the country, we see that he may have to record 25*29 (29 states)= 725 returns in a single year. That is an average of almost two times a day! Well, this is why any free GST software that you decide must have the intelligence to communicate the user of all possible developments coming.

5. User Interface and Reporting

Having considered all the features above, one key feature which is universally appreciated is a user-friendly user interface. For any typical business character, this means informational dashboards and Informative Reports (MIS). This will enable prompt decision making and manifest operations. Real-time information may assist you to avoid over/under stocking and may save on operation capital. Also, for many businesses, an evaluation criterion for new software is the number of clicks to perform a critical task. A Best GST software must accommodate such requirements as well and as run on a minimum user interface principle

Such software that takes care of the requirements is SKY ERP GST Plus.

Inventory Control

• Inventory Control for RM/SF/CG/FG

• Lotwise and Batchwise Inventory Control

• Location wise Inventory Control

• Check for negative stock

Order Management

• Material Requisition slip – for purchase/Procurement

• Inquiry letter/email to vendors

• Quotation Receipt from vendors with all terms and conditions

• Comparison Statement of Quotation received from vendors

• Purchase order – to vendor

• Goods receipt note(GRN)-When material received from the vendor

Job Work:

• JW with adding of material

• JW without adding of material

• Bill of Material(BOM) for JW

• Inventory Management

• Job work billing (Monthly/Periodical)

• GST Compliance for job work

GST Compliance and Consultant

• GSP (GST Suvidha Provider)

• Intra state – CGST Compliance

• Intra state – SGST Compliance

• Inter State – IGST Compliance

• Input/Output tax credit under GST

What is GST Suvidha Provider?

As a GST franchise, we provide online GST portal, through GST online application or GST web portal by GST Suvidha Provider registration. By embedding our product with advantages over other products, we have made it a habit to present our customers with only the best.