Challenges in Export Process

Exporters must identify the challenges that one may face when participating in trade with foreign clients and market. From departure of the goods to cracking into a new market, the trade of export goods faces both logistical and documentation challenges at every step of the export process. The problems faced by exporters are challenging and can delay the exporting process a lot.

1. Manually creating and handling documents: Any company who is still following the manual process of export documentation face a lot of problems with creating and maintaining shipping document.

Solution: Completely Automate your process with Export Documentation Management Software. Maintain records with each and every minute detail of product, packing and shipping. Using pre-designed forms with the option of customizable fields helps the employee to enter data.

2. Scope of Error: In a manual process documents are created using Microsoft Word or Excel. This increases the chances of error. Mistakes or non -compliance can slow down the process and, in certain cases, be time-consuming and expensive to unravel.

Solution: Eliminate the possibility of any error in the shipping, packing or product details as any data entered in the Master forms will auto-populate in any other forms in the process. Get notification of important dates and details, thus avoiding any penalties.

3. Time-Consuming: Export Document management process requires retyping the same data over and over again, or copying and pasting between documents. Thus consuming employee time.

Solution: Upgrading to SKY ERP EXPORT PLUS, will help you to complete your export document management process 10x times faster. Ultimately, leading to increase in productivity as the employees can invest their time in other organizational tasks.

4. Incorrect Documents Can Slow Your Shipment and Delay Getting Paid for Your Exports: There is a cost associated with the time and effort it takes to redo mistake-filled export documents. Not only is it less efficient, it takes employees away from their other job duties, and it can delay your export consignment to reach their ultimate destination. The longer it takes to ship, the longer it takes your company to get paid.

Solution: Getting paid on time for your consignments is of great importance for any exporter. Using the provisions offered by SKY ERP EXPORT PLUS, an exporter can not only speed up the process but also avoid any delay in the shipment process by avoiding any mistake in the documentation.

5. Incorrect Documents May Lead to Violations of Export Regulations and Penalties: There are a lot of licenses and compliance documents involved in an export process. There are also certain Government regulations which have to be carefully followed while exporting products to a different country. An exporter in the market well understands, how significant it is, to comply with the licenses and other regulatory bodies involved in an export process.

Solution: This Export Documentation Software offers elaborate forms to check the compliance of the country-specific licenses required in an export management process. It also has the provision of entering Certificate of Origin, which entails important documents from regulatory bodies such as, IMC, Bombay Chambers & Other Chambers

6. Not enough trained employees: Entering data in the export documentation is a very vast and detailed process and any exporter cannot afford to have any mistakes in the documents. In a manual documentation process, each employee may create different versions of the templates which would result in errors and misfiling. The error/ mistake may be due to a lack of knowledge or carelessness, but the consequences are worst.

Solution: SKY ERP EXPORT PLUS is a very user-friendly software and any new employees can start using it with very limited training. No prior expertise or knowledge transfer is required. The user doesn’t even have to enter the details manually again and again. User friendly interface makes understanding of the so­ftware easy for a layman as well.

7. Making and Maintaining Reports: Creation of user defined reports is a very tedious process when done manually or without a good export document management software. It is very difficult to create different reports as it involves a lot of details with are different as per every consignment, product and party. The parties may request reports at different stages of the export process.

Solution: SKY ERP EXPORT PLUS offers user-defined reports generation. It also creates all the reports that you would require in calming of incentives offered by government. The facility of generating various MIS Reports keeps you in control of the performance of your business or organization. With these reports you can also view and verify detailed reports on expenses such as the pending payments, expenses, CHA charges, broker charges, transport charges and other external expenses.

Also generate Automatic reports of payments receivable, export registers pre shipment & post shipment and pending order status. These reports can be generated product wise, consignee wise and also yearly or multiple yearly wise.

8. Challenging process for maintaining and collaborating data of more than one invoices for each consignment: A complete shipment process involves one or more different invoices with different data, like proforma invoice, custom invoice and commercial invoice. The data on these different invoices needs to be clubbed for deriving end data. This is a very hard and error-prone process when done manually over Excel or Word. Addressing separate invoices and increasing the number of documents incurs additional bank charges. Manually clubbing the invoices require lots of manual processes and retyping.

Solution: SKY ERP Export Plus offers a robust system of clubbing 4 custom invoices in one invoice automatically, thus eliminating the scope error and the end data is always readily available. One can obtain a clubbed invoice automatically with this software. Clubbing the data in one single invoice also saves the additional bank charges which are incurred by the importer.

9. Retrieving export documents over the years and attaching file extensions to shipment products: As per statutory and legal compliance, export documents need to be maintained at least for 7 years. Retrieving these old documents when needed can be an impossible task. Also, in some shipment regulations or some parties may request for images of the products or videos of the packaging of the products. Parties may ask for videography of the packing of the product in terms of evidence. Attaching and maintaining such huge files with the shipment documents can be difficult to handle. Also, if an employee handling these files is absent it is difficult to obtain these files if needed. A manual document management process may not also give the option of doing the same.

Solution: With SKY ERP EXPORT PLUS automated export document management software you get the option to upload images and other file extensions to your product details. The compliance process also demands maintaining videography of the packing process in the container. With this software, you can scan the respective files/documents and save them against the invoice by profiling it. It also gives the option of directly emailing these files to the importer. Thus efficiently record and maintain additional product details.