Easy to Use, Best Record Management Software in Mumbai. KDOC PLUS

Kdoc Plus is a web-based software and a comprehensive office automation arrangement that supports the users to automate all the document processes, easily.

This software has been planned to create, digitize, store, retrieve, and secure different types of office documentation used for conducting basic record management processes. Right from raw data storage to handling the electronic organization document, the user can handle all the business processes using Kdoc Plus. Thus Kdoc Plus has been recognized as the best document management software in Mumbai.

Kdoc Plus provides some of the most diverse features in the industry through simple and easy-to-use interfaces. It is the best record management software in Mumbai as it has a distinct feature that allows easy integration with third-party applications such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

document management software best record management software in Mumbai but also in all other metropolitan cities of India.

Kdoc Plus is developed by Everex Infotech Pvt Ltd and we endeavor to deliver to our clients a clear solution, to experience a hassle-free journey towards their progress. With a focus to ensure high-end customer experience, we focus to develop, discover and deliver creativity along with the knowledge that helps to build a competitive edge and thereby secure long-term relationships.