KDOC Plus A Document Management Software catering every industry and each business need!

KDOC Plus A Document Management Software catering to every industry and each business need!

Document management solutions have evolved from simple file storage engines to sophisticated data classification systems. Upgrading to a good and simple document management system can not only enhance your data security but also enhance the productivity and efficiency of your organization.

KDoc Plus Document Management System is designed in way, keeping in mind the intricate details and needs of every industry and business type. Be it a product or a service provider, startup, small scale or a huge entity, this document management software will help you in solving all your document management problems.

Legal and Compliance: Law firms are overwhelmed with a truckload of paperwork and information piling up each day. Law firms and legal departments are expected to keep exact and timely communications of delicate documents. Legal document management services are vital for not only supervisory compliance requirements, but also for safeguarding high levels of client satisfaction. KDoc Plus integrates with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office and MS Outlook, so your electronic data can be stored with security. KDoc Plus allows you to track each file and assign access rights to relevant employees, based upon their roles, thus preserving the confidentiality of legal information. Attorneys and associates can search years worth of a firms knowledge with ease, by segregation of documents into working, archive and history documents.

Education Industry: In the Education Industry there is a lot of paperwork involved such as admission application forms, student records, employee records, certificates and alumni communications. Whether you are servicing primary, secondary, or higher education, a school or an institution, this document management software ensures, your student and faculty documents are found quickly and securely organized. Institutions can focus on increasing registration effectiveness, financial stability and planning using KDOC Plus electronic document management system, over the complete student cycle, from entry and administration, through to attainment, qualifications and alumni details.

Financial Services: KDoc Plus also helps the companies associated with financial services to organize customer records. Use the benefits of document management for banks, investment firms, and credit unions, among other areas. Banks and financial service providers can keep their records organized, secured and accessible with this document management software. With the role-based access mechanism service providers can ensure their records adhere to strict document security regulations while being quickly accessible by staff with the proper credentials.

Healthcare Services: Updating to a good Document management software enables you to regulate your data and reorganize organizational tasks, allowing you to fully attend on a patients needs. Scan and record all patient details from health details, medical records, history, medications and financial information from the point of entry till the point of discharge. It helps hospitals serve their patients much more efficiently. Secure privacy protocols and the vital urgency of the medical industry makes document management software a necessity to preserve an effective practice. Whether youre a small medical practice or a large healthcare hospital, KDoc Plus brings a simple, effective document management system to electronically store, manage, and access data.

Manufacturing Sector: Manufacturers need profits and automation, not paperwork and low productivity. With Kdoc Plus you can modernize workflow for better supply chain management. In product lifespan to supply chain management, the manufacturing processes can generate huge amounts of paper documents. In order to keep top in the market, a manufacturer must answer rapidly to customer demands while keeping in check stock and operational costs. Organized data is crucial in staying ahead of the competition. Thus, a great document management software can solve many of the greatest challenges faced in the manufacturing sector.