How to Export Pharmaceuticals from India, using effective Export Documentation Software for Pharma Exporter

The world today is facing a major challenge in coping with the adversarial effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) spread. India has been able to meet the demand for several key drugs and preventive medical supplies and thus has emerged as a major pharmaceutical exporter across the globe. Not only today, but even over the years, India has been a leader in producing and exporting drugs, formulations, and also other medical equipment.

Along with attaining a steady position in the pharmaceutical market worldwide, India also fulfills the need for a global supply of different vaccines and supply of antiretroviral drugs. The presence of a large pool of talent in terms of scientists and engineers serves as an enormous advantage to the pharmaceutical sector. India plays an indispensable role in the global pharmaceuticals sector.

There are numerous challenges that are considered a hindrance to the development in the export and distribution of pharmaceuticals. All the challenges can be overcome using effective export documentation software for pharma exporters.

There are a lot of documents that are required in an export process. SKY ERP EXPORT Plus export documentation software for pharma exporter is designed in consistence with the regulations and documents required in exporting pharmaceuticals.

Documents Required for the Export of Pharmaceutical Products from India:

  • Company PAN number
  • Bank account statement and other financial documents
  • Bankers Certificate and other customs documents
  • IEC Number
  • Indian Trade Classification (HS) of the product
  • Proof of ownership of business premises or rental agreement
  • Cancelled cheque
  • WHO: GMP certification
  • Dossier containing the following details:
    1. Product details
    2. Approved generic names
    3. Strength per dosage
    4. Dosage form
    5. Visual description
    6. Details regarding the packaging
    7. List of countries in which the product has been approved, rejected, and withdrawn
    8. Sites of manufacture and method of synthesis
    9. Stability testing
    10. Efficacy and safety

This export documentation software for Pharma Exporter provides functionality to manage all aspects of your pharmaceutical export and distribution business. Its features work together to automate processes and grow your business, increase transparency, and aid in regulatory compliance.

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