Salient features of an Export Document Management Software

Any export process which is carried out without a proper commercial contract in place is always prone to the risk of loss due to changes in exchange rates. Therefore, it becomes important for the exporter as well as the importer to have a signed export contract to avoid any ambiguity during the process.

It is also required in an export documentation process that the exporter maintains the documents according to the norms of the country. In the jurisdiction of India, the Foreign Exchange Management Act is one such regulation that governs the export management processes. Exports from India require special documents which are dependent upon the type of product and also the destination to which the goods are to be exported. An Export Document Management Software gives us the detail about the product and its destination port and is also used for taxation and quality control inspection certification.

What you should note when managing your Export Documents?

It is always a good practice to keep a watch and be compliant with the changing custom regulations of your country, as well as the norms of the country that you are dealing with. An operative Export Document Management Software will list all the export documents that are needed to be collected and maintained throughout the export process. An Export Documentation Software also defines the stages and deadlines of the export process.

Salient Features of an export documentation software:

Some documents in the export process are to be generated by the export company whereas other documents are to be created by Government bodies or even third parties.

1. Quick Checklist:

There are a number of documents that are required to be submitted for a smooth export process, eg. Proforma Invoice, Packing List, Certificate of Origin, Bill of Lading etc. The Export Document Management Software offers a quick checklist to check and confirm the required documents are in place. This facilitates the planning and regulation of the export process.

2. Templated Documents:

The formalities of your export process are efficiently carried out with export documentation software. Automatically edit regulatory documents without the hassle of repetitive work. Use pre-designed and customizable templates to quickly generate your export documents.

3. Export Process Automation:

Export document management software will ensure accurate data on the progress, guarantee full backup, and eventual error-free delivery. It will help you to maintain proper compliance papers and avail export incentives provided by the Government. A document with a human or manual error will cost you as much as a missing document.

Before making a final choice for your export documentation software, one needs to be fully aware of the features of the software. An ideal export documentation software is not only error-free but should also be user-friendly and work according to the requirements of the business.

SKY ERP EXPORT PLUS, is an ideal Export Documentation Management Software, which is simple enough to be understood by everyone using it.

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