Features Of Secretarial Task/correspondence Automation Software

E Secretary simplifies and automates the management of correspondence, to make it the secretariat and automate organizational activities. It has features of email merge, bulk label printing, Mass mailing, security options and other benefits. E secretary also helps to reduce cost and increase profitability.

>>>Some important features of E Secretary are:

Correspondence Automation:

Correspondence Automation is an important part of organizational tasks. By Using E secretary software one can build a draft of the letter with the recipient's address and body text using templates. One of the important features of it is, that it automatically attaches information related to contact and template.

Contact Management:

Contact Management helps you to organize your contacts and use them according to your business needs. The main function of the contact management system is to keep track of all the information related to each contact in the contact list and to keep an organized history of all past conversations. All information about a particular contact is linked and stored and can be retrieved anytime.

Mass Mailing:

Mass mailing refers to sending promotional email campaigns to a large correspondence to achieve a specific goal, such as promoting a product or communicating important information. Mass mail service will help you reach a large audience and maintain them one email at a time. In addition to reaching your customers directly, you can also track your email performance and test various methods to increase clicks and correspondence conversions. By sending a mass email to your subscribers helps to generate sales.

Template Management:

Template management is a governance system for a company's document ecosystem based on a range of document models. The main advantage of template management is that documents are easier for employees to create, which saves time and increases productivity. Template management helps to produce authentic documents.Template Management constitutes a crucial part of the organizational task. It also helps in producing better-quality documents.

Email Templates:

Emails are 40 times more effective than social media in targeting new customers. Email has become a staple in the business world. Businesses use email to collect and maintain leads, communicate with clients and customers, and convey important information to their coworkers. Email Templates help businesses and marketers become more efficient, make fewer errors and improve communication lines. Email Templates reduce the time it takes to send emails, saving valuable time. Email templates are easy to adopt for businesses of all sizes.

Mail Merge:

A mail merge is a technique of taking information from a database, spreadsheet, or other forms of structured data and inserting it into files including letters, mailing labels, and name tags. The Mail Merge function makes it clean to ship identical letters to a huge range of people. It is cost-effective and saves lots of time. It is one of the quickest methods to provide masses of personalized letters.

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