How an Export Documentation Software can help you in your Import-Export process

Leather is one of the highest traded commodities in the world. Leather is an important industry in India. The leather industry occupies a prominent position in the Indian economy due to the substantial revenues and the growth of exports India's leather industry has grown significantly from a mere supplier of raw materials to an exporter of value-added products. . The Indian leather industry accounts for around 12.93% of the global leather/skin production. The leather industry in India is consistent in its high export earnings and is among the top 10 earners of foreign exchange for India.

The main Export destination countries of India’s leather products are the USA, European countries, China, Hong Kong, UK, UAE, Netherlands, Poland, etc. These countries together account for almost 73% of total exports of leather and leather products from 'India. The European Union collectively accounts for 52% of India's total exports of leather and leather products.

Exports of leather and leather products amounted to 389.50 million dollars in February 2022 and registered a positive growth compared to February 2021 of 30.39%.

The leather industry in India holds an important place in the Indian economy. Second-largest footwear producer. India produces 3 billion square feet of leather on an annual basis. The leather industry in India comprises the major segments namely Footwear, Finished Leather, Leather Goods, Leather Garments, Footwear Components, Saddlery, and Harness. All of these segments have strong growth potential. Growth in leather demand is driven by the fashion industry, particularly footwear. The export of different categories of footwear holds a major share of around 47.59% of the total exports of leather and leather products from India. In addition to this, the furniture and interior decoration industries, as well as the automotive industry require leather.

The export process of leather products or any other product usually involves the preparation of documents that can be submitted electronically or physically with the shipment. To complete this export process effectively and efficiently exporter needs good software for export documentation.

Sky ERP Export Plus is the most comprehensive web-based export documentation software suite, functionally covering export documentation and business intelligence report management. It is one of the most effective industry-recognized Export Documentation software for leather Exporter.

However, this software for export documentation creates and manage documents digitally and is error-free and able to create a number of reports and manage various registers digitally so our export documentation software for leather exporter can help you to get the position in the marketplace which your company needs.

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