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Export documentation software

1. What is the meaning of export?

Exports are sale of goods out of Indian custom barriers. This is not a secret, that in export-import business, people in India and in other developing countries can make the biggest profits. This is the most profitable business in India now and in the coming years.

There are many reasons for this. In short, India manufactures a wide range of products and because India is still a developing and low-cost country, then the costs to manufacture the products are very low. But the prices for those products in western developed countries are much higher.

India is becoming a new “China”. Indian Export grows fastly and India is replacing Chinese exports in many different product categories. Profit margins can be very high, sometimes 100%-300%

Currently most of the exporters of the Indian goods to the European countries. Europe is also the best market for India now. Read- where you should export.

1. What products you should export, to gain maximum profits from International markets.

2. To where you should exactly export your products?

3. How to find and reach to the buyers.

Exporting software products to foreign countries

The top 10 commodity exports in 2017 to Dubai were as follows:

1. Natural or cultured pearls, precious or semi-precious items

2. Mineral fuels, mineral oils, and products of their distillations.

3. Electrical machinery and equipment

4. Ships, boats and floating structures

5. Articles of apparel and clothing.

6. Articles of apparel and clothing

7. Machinery, mechanical appliances, nuclear reactors

8. Cereals

9. Organic chemicals

10. Articles of iron or steel

Like you see on the chart, the biggest unmatched export potential is again for diamonds, pearls, precious metals,India steel exports, leather export from India, coffee export from India and also gold items. Additionally, telephone sets & other voice/image transmission apparatus are the product that faces strong demand increase and export opportunity for Indian exporters.

There is also a stable demand for food products. Importers from Dubai are regularly importing huge volumes of rice exporters in Mumbai, coconut exporters in India and vegetables from India. Also, seafood products like shrimp exports from India are in demand by Dubai’s importers. Seafood exporters in India have great potential because Seafood has “0” import tax applied, which raises its demand by Dubai's importers.

Other exporters include red chilli exporters in India, paper exporters in India, turmeric exporters in india, indian sandstone exporters, karur home textiles exporters list, marble exporters in india, onion exporters in Mumbai, top 10 rice exporters in india , non basmati rice exporters in india, basmati rice exporters in india, spices exporters in Mumbai, turmeric powder exporters, sesame seeds exporters cashew nuts exporters, red onion exporters, wooden handicrafts exporters, textile exporters in Mumbai, cotton yarn exporters, dry fruits exporters, honey exporters in india, granite exporters in india, spices exporters in india, jute bags exporters,fresh vegetables exporters,meat exporters in india, flower exporters in india, agro products exporters, stainless steel exporters, artificial jewellery exporters, chemical exporters, fabric exporters, denim jeans exporters, leather exporters in mumbai ,garment exporters in Mumbai, pharmaceutical exporters in india, shampoo exporters, food exporters in Mumbai, designer kurtis exporters, coriander seeds exporters, cumin seeds exporters, mushroom export from india, car export from india, chemical export from india, fruit export, furniture export from india

an opportunity exists also with handicraft items because now the construction speed in Dubai is growing rapidly, leading to the demand for interior decoration products.

Exporting software products to foreign countries

This business model is especially lucrative for people from India. In India, there are a lot of qualified software engineers. Because Average Indian software engineer still earns much lower, that he/she could earn in European countries or In the USA, then there exist good business opportunity.

Build a small team of IT engineers and start producing software products to foreign companies and export software products to foreign country companies. A lot of European companies need apps, websites and other software products and they agree to outsource it from foreign countries. India software exports are in demand across the globe. They include India’s biggest export and India main exports.

This classifies as a export service, in this case, you do not need any kind of export license. You are developing software and delivering that to your client online.

What Is export documentation?

The documentation required for export of goods is known as export documentation.For export sales there are export registration required.Companies are required to pay export tax in India at a specified export rate. Export subsidy rate is given to eligible exporters. There are various export intensive scheme by export promotion council registration.There is lot of export benefits in India.

Introduction to Export Documentation Software

• Sky Export as the name it self represents it is software designed to take care of all your export Documentation.

• The export document software covers all the bill of export operation,from start to end.

• The software for export documentation is well divided in to two parts ,one take cares of your preshipment activity and second will take care of your postshipment

• Various reports are designed for data mining.

  • Masters
  • Transactions( Preshipment Postshipment )
  • Reports


Master are used for entry automation

Once the entry is placed in master it will display the same entry at the time of the respective transaction.

For ex:-When you add marks entry in the marks master it will display the same entry at the invoice ,you can select different marks from the master hence it avoids the entry duplication and saves your precious time.

Order Acceptance : It is generated when an order from a foreign buyer is accepted.

Proforma Invoice: It can be used as sales contract or as invoice for items sent on approval basis.

Pre shipment Details

It is Pre – Documentary Hub which act as a Parents of all Export Documentation Invoice that creates in favor of Seller obligation


Invoice, a commercial document issued by Exporter to Importer, relating to a sale transaction and indicating the products, quantities, and agreed prices for products the seller had provided the Exporter.

Packing List

It shows the details of the goods contained in each parcel/shipment.

Custom Invoice

Mainly needed for countries like USA, Canada, etc. It is prepared on a special form being presented by the Customs authorities of the importing country. It facilitates entry of goods in the importing country at preferential tariff rate.

Certificate of Origin (7Chambers)

A certificate of origin (CO) is a document declaring in which country a commodity or good was manufactured. The certificate of origin contains information regarding the product, its destination, and the country of export service. Required by many treaty agreements for cross-border trade

Shipping Instructions

A shipping instruction (SI) or the shipping bill for export document, is provided by an Exporter to the customer, containing details of the cargo to be shipped and the requirements for its physical transportation.

E – Way Bill Bulk

Bulk e-way bill generation facility is a simple solution for generating multiple e-way bills/consolidated e-way bills as well as to update multiple e-way bills in a one-time process.

Post-shipment Document

Commercial Invoice

Document required by customs to determine true value of the imported goods, for assessment of duties and taxes.

Commercial Packing List

A packing list is used as part of a customs declaration to document the number of items within your shipment, along with their dimensions and weight, and the number of cartons that the goods are shipped in

Bank of Exchange

It is a document contemplated by or consisting of a contract, which promises the payment of money without condition, which may be paid either on demand or at a future date

Shipment Advice

Letter sent by an exporter to a foreign buyer informing that the shipment of the ordered goods is on its way. Its helps to track the goods as per details and importer can plan import clearance procedures accordingly

Letter to Bank

It is a commitment of the importer's bank to pay a specified amount in return for the documents stipulated in the letter of credit and presented by your company through Bank Millennium

Letter of Credit: This term is more secured for both the parties.This is term which majority of exporters and importers prefer.L/C is opened by the importer party and is forwarded to exporter.The bank of importer party after import export registration would give letter of credit stating that the payment for the goods will be made by the bank on receipt of goods.It means that the exporter party is secured for money and the importer is secured for goods.

Commercial Invoice:

Commercial invoice can be generated for Buyer and for the bank.User can change the details of commercial invoice as per buyer requirement.

Reports, Registers and Returns

Sky Export Plus" creates all the reports that you would require in your export business. The facility of generating various MIS Reports keeps you in control of the performance of your business or organization. Following reports can be created by Sky Export Plus

• Import Export Registration

• Currency wise Exports

• Consignee master printing

• User defined reports

• Incentive Registers

• LC Register

 Advance License Status report

• Council returns

• Consignee wise Exports

• Country wise Exports

• Item wise Exports

• Pending Order details

• FOB Sales report

• Outstanding payment report Advantages of Sky Export Plus

• It offers excellent flexibility at different stages of documentation

• Systematic flow of data avoids duplication of work

• Faster generation of documents

• Validation avoids the chance of errors

• LC Expiry and last date of shipment alarming

• User friendly interface makes the understanding of the software easy for layman as well