How to do Export Documentation While Exporting Chemicals?

The chemical industry is a crucial part of the modern and globalized world economy and converts raw materials such as crude oil, natural gas, air, water, metals, and minerals into various ready-to-use products that are essential to activities every day. The chemical industry is one of the oldest branches of industry in India and forms an important part of the Indian economy. Today, the chemical industry functions as the basic building block for almost all other manufacturing industries such as textiles, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, food processing, and paints.

India is among the top 10 chemical-producing countries worldwide. The industry employs around 2 million people in India. The production of dyes in India accounts for 16% of world production. The chemical industry is a very important part of the growing Indian economy and the mainstay of the country's industrial and agricultural development as it provides various basic components and raw materials for a number of industries. It is a fast-growing and diversifying industry in India.

Today, the Indian chemical industry has become a global player and generates foreign exchange for the nation with the "Make in India" approach. The export of chemicals from India is gradually increasing. India is currently the leader in the production of dyes, contributing 16% to 18% of the world’s dyes exports. Indian Dye is exported to more than 90 countries. India is the fifth-largest producer of agrochemicals in the world and produces more than 50% of technical pesticides. India is the world's largest producer and exporter of castor oil, accounting for nearly 85-90% of global exports in this segment.

Export Documents perform a Key role in Export. If the Export documents are created manually, it requires both time and resources. Using Documentation software for an Export company can save both of these.

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