Maintain Electronic Healthcare Records With The Best Document Management Software For Hospitals.

Maintain Electronic Healthcare records with the best document management software for hospitals. Here arises the need for an effective patient file management software that automates the file management system for the hospitals and keeps a check on errors.

Benefits of upgrading to the best document management software for hospitals

Complete Patient Records In A Consolidated platform: Files and data in a healthcare industry include various formats such as patient history, x-rays, test reports, doctor diagnosis, medical prescriptions, patient symptoms, etc. When the data is printed on paper and is in a hard copy form, it may lead to bulky files. Also, most of the time the data is disorganized and fragmented. The best document management software for hospitals helps you to convert the paper files into an electronic form and store patient details uniformly in a consolidated platform, where it can be accessed easily with a click.

Data Can Be Easily Accessed And Quickly Retrieved: Often a situation arises in a hospital where an existing patient is brought in an emergency. The results of life and death are dependent upon correct action within seconds after the patient is brought in. The value of a second is the highest when it comes to the factor of life. Imagine in such a situation, time is being lost in manually finding the test reports, such as blood group, and family history.

When the patient files are stored in file management software, they can be accessed with one click in seconds. Thus the best document management software for hospitals, can not only manage your files but also assist in saving lives.

Document Reference Number For Easy Administration: The file management software offers to assign a unique document reference number to each created document. The documents can be categorized with date, patient names, history, document text, etc. Thus doctors and medical staff can have easy and quick access to patient information. Additionally, recording online auditing, patient visit details, and editing patient data become painless jobs.


With KDoc Plus healthcare files, patient notes, charts, billing records, and other paper and electronic documents are managed in a secure, electronic healthcare records management system where files are searchable and instantly retrievable.

Being an incredibly efficient Document Management Software, KDOC plus can smooth out processes within all industries and the healthcare industry is no exception.

KDOC plus is developed by Everex Infotech.

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