Manage your contacts with the best contact management software and mass mailing software

A product or service-providing business may have innumerable client data in its contact database. It is extremely difficult to maintain this contact database manually when it comes to a vast contact network.

What is contact management software?

A contact management software records and manages contact data for individuals and clients in the organizational network. The contact management software can categorize the contacts as per the sources such as vendors, suppliers, clients and partners. The software also offers to manage your interactions with your contacts.

Important features of E Secretary as a contact management software:

  • Profiles contacts, assign multiple categories and lists in multiple ways.
  • Facilitates any type of document attachment with the contact.
  • Assigns unique contact ID for easy referencing.
  • Imports contacts from Microsoft Outlook ignoring duplicates.
  • Exports contacts to Microsoft Excel.

What is mass-mailing software?

Every business which has a digital presence uses email services like newsletters, sales campaigns, promotions, etc. The best mass-mailing software allows sending bulk emails to the subscribers.

With good mass emailing software you can reach a large number of audiences with a single click. A mass mailing software also tracks and generates reports about how your email campaigns have performed.

E-secretary is not only one of the best contact management software but also the best mass mailing software. It assists you by easing organizational and secretarial tasks. It also offers to sync in the plugins for Microsoft Office to easily send emails.

Important features of E Secretary as a mass mailing software:

  • Plug-in sits into Microsoft Outlook and works well with the same.
  • Archives important emails with options either to move or copy.
  • Creates a centralized repository of emails with other documents.
  • Contact centric communication including emails in one place.
  • Captures templates from existing emails with/ without attachments.
  • Simplifies drafting and replying to emails by using email templates with/without attachments.
  • Creates Excel sheets to print email records.

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