Maximizing Productivity And Security With Document Management Systems In India

What is KDOC PLUS?

KDOC PLUS is a document management software. It is a web-based software solution that converts your business into a paperless organization. It helps to manage, secure, and track files. It is also the best software to organize your important documents and is easily accessible anytime anywhere at a single location and eventually, this makes your life easier and smarter.

Document management software in India (KDOC PLUS) offers users the ability to assign user rights easily and quickly and it helps to decrease the workload of management of the documents you can share all your digital assets to take control of all your data for your business.

KDOC is special software that organizes knowledge in a way that supports business continuity by providing precise, organized, standardized, and secure information. This document management system is also known as the top record management software It is a powerful web-based software and it provides different modules like file management, record management, template management, and security controls for your business.

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The key features of KDOC PLUS are as follows :

1)Uniform file and folder naming Conventions:It automates naming and saving and also eliminates the behavior of the file as “save as” It gives each document a unique ID, preventing duplication also every document is profiled and saved before the user ever begins working on it.

2) Point storage and quick access: In this Feature, it provides a single area for documents and templates stored in a single location. again, if the creator of the document is absent at that time the retrieval is as simple.

3) Stores everything on the cloud: storing data on the cloud it helps to Manage and distribute, your essential files secured and keep all of your company's files in the cloud while Accessing your document at any time, anywhere.

4) Save scanned documents: the scanned documents are saved properly at a single location and easily accessed also the records with proper metadata tags.

5)Automated record management: here, the record deposition depends on category or department. The automated record management Removes unnecessary clutter from the workspace and enables access also, it Segregates files into working, imported, archived, historical, and branch of documents.

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