Need of Template Management Software in business

Nowadays In Offices Creating and managing various Documents in the proper format is a big task. Creating these documents takes a lot of time and effort and hence it also reduces the efficiency of Employees. The main headache comes when we have to create these documents on a regular basis or at a particular time gap. If someone creates these documents again and again manually there is also a chance of error.

The solution to all these problems is Template management. Templates help in making documents and presentations more professional, faster, and easier. Templates are easy to create and use. Using efficient Template management software users can save all the Templates of various Documents in one place and can access them easily. It will save the valuable time of management which in result Increase efficiency.

E-Secretary is the best templates management software that is an easy-to-use and affordable solution to manage all aspects of document creation. It Profiles templates on the basis of subject matter, and category and provides a description. Our software i.e E Secretary Assigns a unique template ID for quick reference.

This template management software Prompts for the selection of a template while creating a document and Enables the quick creation of templates from documents. It also provides the features of activation/deactivation of templates depending on day-to-day requirements and helps in Importing and exporting templates for sharing with different offices/branches. This software eases the workload and makes feel less stressed, and, at the same time, it increases efficiency.

E-Secretary is a desktop-based solution that helps you to manage all the tasks related to correspondence, archives, and documents. It has features of Mass mailing, E-mail merge, Mass label printing, Security options, etc.

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