Sales Lead Tracker – Support Tool – Contact Management Software

What does contact management software do?

A contact management software will allow you to track and record prospect customer and vendor contact information for seamless communication. The contact information may include their address, contact details, orders, and sales history. It not records the contact information of the customers and vendors but also notes their interactions with the business. It assists businesses to improve sales and service levels by leveraging a wider range of data.

Why a contact management software is important?

In this digital age, a contact management software is essential for keeping digital records of customer data.

  • Store data
  • Track leads
  • Quick access to customer data
  • Diversify customer base
  • Group your contacts into categories
  • Save time with the search and filter option
  • Store your contacts in the cloud-based system

Sales Lead Tracker is an excellent contact management software developed by Everex Infotech. It not only provides a robust contact management feature but also provides assistance in quotation management.

Sales Lead Tracker – Quotation Management Software

This quotation management software is designed to automate quotations and improve sales efficiency. It helps sales teams effortlessly generate and send quotations, maintain and track shipping information, manage billing, reporting and more.

  • Automated quotation creation process
  • Streamline Quote generation
  • Entire Clientele in one place
  • Gain efficiency in your sales operations
  • Consolidate customer and service/product information
  • Catalogued products & services

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