Significance of Plastic Export in the Indian Economy

Plastic is used throughout nearly every sector, which includes packaging, Building and construction, textiles, consumer products, transportation, electric and electronics, and, commercial machinery. The business of this product is huge across the world. Plastics are so flexible and part of our lives that you may find them everywhere. Plastic’s Popularity is attributed to its properties like lightweight, durability, chemically stable, and functionality of being molded into different shapes and sizes. Exporters made billions of dollars globally by selling or exporting this product.

The plastic industry achieved exports of $13 billion during the 2021-22 period through a growth of 30%.

The Indian plastic industry market is one of the rapidly growing sectors in the country’s economy. The industry is present all over the country and has more than 2,000 exporters of plastic material. India manufactures different products using plastics such as houseware products, cordage, fishnets, floor coverings, medical items, packaging items, plastic films, pipes, raw materials, etc. The country majorly exports plastic raw materials, sheets, films, woven sacks and bags, fabrics, and tarpaulin.

The plastic industry in India ranks among the world’s biggest and most enlightened. The extremely good strides made by the industry have made India the desired choice by international firms for a numerous range of products such as polyester films, plastic-woven bags and sacks, sheeting material, laminates, packaging Material, and lots more. Globally, India exports plastic to more than 200 countries. The USA, Germany Japan, the UK, and France are among the top 5 consumer and houseware product importing countries. India mainly exports plastic and related products to the USA, China, Italy, the UK, Bangladesh, Nepal, UAE, Germany, France, Viet Nam, Indonesia, etc. The countries like US and China have constituted 18.21%, and 6.62%, of the total plastic exports in 2021-22.

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