SKY ERP EXPORT PLUS Export Documentation software for cashew exporters

Agricultural exports remain the backbone of Indian exports and continue to be the backbone for future export growth. The potential for agricultural exports is quite high in India. The cashew nut industry is an agriculture-based industry. Cashew production has been a very important economic activity for several tropical countries, providing a range of food and industrial product. India is a pioneer in the cashew nut business and supplies cashew nuts to the whole world.

The cashew nut industry is a traditional export-oriented industry that helps generate foreign exchange to increase its share of the country's gross domestic product. The global demand for cashews has had a growing trend over the years. India's contribution to the world cashew food supply is very important and reliable.

India is the world's largest producer, processor, and exporter of cashew nuts. The export of cashew nuts from India is very large. It spread almost all over the world. This distribution demonstrates the depth of the Indian cashew nut export market which makes the Indian cashew nut industry a leader in the world cashew nut economy. India is the world's most important food supplier of cashew nuts. India exports cashew nuts to more than 60 countries. Its main markets are the USA, Netherlands, Japan, Spain, France, Germany, UK, and Middle East countries like UAE and Saudi Arabia. The Indian cashew nut industry provides direct and indirect employment to more than 5,000 people, especially in the rural areas, and hence plays a very important role in the economy.

The Indian cashew nut is very popular in the world table products market due to its delicious and pleasant taste and nutritional value. India's main competitors in the world market are Vietnam, Brazil, Indonesia and Tanzania.

The Indian Cashew Nut Export Promotion Council (CEPC) was founded in 1955 by the Indian government with the active participation of the cashew nut industry with the aim of promoting the export of cashew nuts and liquid cashew nuts.

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