What Is Structured File Management System And Explaining Its Importance To Your Team?

While many organizations have updated to an automated structured file management system, some organizations are still struggling with manually organizing, sharing, and managing a large chunk of files. There are still some organizations that are yet not taking the benefits of an effective structured file management system.

With the ever-increasing documents and files in an organization, the need of the hour is to benefit from the advantages of a good document management software. It is of utmost importance that the organizations learn and even explain the importance of using a structured file management system to their employees to inculcate the practice of using a DMS in their day-to-day organizational activities.

What is a structured file management system?

For instance, when an office has paper files, such an office will have file rooms and will contain file cabinets. A company may have 5-10 drawer cabinets for clients, cabinets for vendors, separate cabinets for personal office documents, etc. Such cabinets may further contain individual files and folders. This is what is meant by a structured file management system.

Now, imagine that there is a large bulk of files and folders to be stored. A digital structured file management software would allow you to set up similar digital cabinets. To find a document in the future, users navigate to the cabinet and folder they want and can see a structured list of documents in that folder.

This blog will further throw light on the benefits of using a structured file management system and the reason to why the employees should use it.

Benefits of using a Structured File Management System:

Centralized Repository Storage:

KDoc Plus DMS stores the important documents of the office in one centralized repository. A structured file management system helps in bringing an organization’s documents together in one place for easy accessibility. Instead of spending precious time trying to find that one document buried in an archived email thread, you can find what you need and get back to work.

It eliminates duplication of work and saves time:

Often an employee has to recreate a file/document when they are not able to locate the required file. While some documents may take just a few minutes to prepare, many require numerous man-hours to complete. KDoc Plus helps you keep documents organized, so your workforce can quickly find what they need and avoid reinventing the wheel.

It helps you maintain and track document versions:

Have you ever come across a situation when you are unsure whether you are using, referring to, or working upon the most recent version of the document. KDoc Plus file management system automatically version-controls documents so your team can track the version history of the documents.

It adds to the security of the files.

Role-based access mechanism and backup-restore feature are the features of KDoc Plus which help in securing the files of the organization. The creator of the file can give limited or full access to a document, to a member or group of members of the association. In the absence of the creator, the team can access the important documents. If anything goes wrong while editing the document, one can easily go back to the history and trace back the source file.

Additionally, the system automatically backs up the documents and files in the software. Thus, in case of data loss one can easily restore the file.

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