Why Do Hospitals Need File Document Management Software?

The advancement of technology has helped all sectors of industry to progress and optimize their business performance. Similarly, the top document management software for hospitals can help hospitals streamline their operations and improve efficiency.

If you belong to the administration sector of a healthcare industry you may be well aware that with any new patients you may run into a pool of paper files. These files include patient entry records, medical history, prescriptions, test reports, etc. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is an authoritative body in India, that regulates the healthcare industry. It is essential for the healthcare units to maintain the documents in accordance with the regulations laid down by the governing bodies.

file Management Software In India Can Help the Hospitals In The Following Ways:

Streamlined Billing Process: Different types of bills are created after the admission of a patient. The bills may originate from different departments of the hospital such as dispensary, pathology lab, OT charges etc.The right file management software in India can help you to consolidate and calculate these bills correctly. These bills can further be shared with the patient who can easily claim their insurance ahead.

Smooth Integration of Patient Documents: When the patient files are stored in a cloud server, it is easily accessible to all departments of the hospital whenever and wherever needed. A single patient may be treated by different sciences of doctors Thus, when the files are organized using the top document management for hospitals, the patient does not have to narrate his pains and symptoms to every other doctor or nurse.

Improved Synchronization between labs and staff: A document management system coordinates the flow of information from one department to another. Though many hospitals digitally share lab results, working with multiple applications can increase the odds of user error – which also slows the process. A hospital document management system should be easily accessible and accurate.


  • KDOC PLUS has a file backup and recovery feature, which can recover lost or deleted files, in case of data loss or data misplacement.
  • KDOC plus provides synchronized access to the patient record. One can access the files with the click of a button.
  • It allows paper medical files such as test reports to be scanned and stored digitally.
  • It streamlines the work process and synchronization between hospital departments, thus saving time.
  • By naming folders with patient names, patient data becomes easily accessible.
  • The right information is always uploaded for every patient which means that the program eliminates errors and also ensures fast working

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