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SKY ERP Export Plus is affordable export software which enables you in easy management of global trade and ensures compliance with necessary regulatory conditions. It consists of a software solution suite that covers documentation, business intelligence reports, license management online applications, license details against export invoices, duty drawbacks claim against exports Invoices. It generates and prints various documents such as Invoice, Packing list, Shipping bill, Certificate of Origin, Commercial Invoice, Commercial Packing List, Bank Realization Certificate, Bills of Exchange and so on in standard formats. Get complete visibility into the export process with export documentation at your fingertips and many more benefits.

Use of Export Documentation Software

Why you Need Export Documentation Software? Sky ERP Export Plus is the most comprehensive web-based Export documentation software solution suite that functionally covers export documentation, management of business intelligence reports and license management. It helps you march forward with confidence in the competitive export industry since it helps in an almost error-free export documentation and management of the export business. It provides you with all the tools that assist in executing a perfect export registration order. In recent years export software has become essential for the export industry.

Software's Benefits

Sky ERP Export plus saves time in export documentation, maximizes the utilization of export incentives and licenses, increases sales through strategic sales cycle analysis tools, accelerates the process of reporting leading to corrective decisions and enables one to avoid penalties using system-generated Pre-Alerts. Our perfected solution also helps in keeping in line with the statutory requirement to government bodies and banking sectors

Sky ERP Export Plus improves operational efficiency by automating the manual steps in export procedure and documentation. Reduces cost by optimizing the utilization of export license to save duty and tracking the timely receipt of export incentives. Increases visibility in the import-export documentation operations by capturing process data and reporting on key indicators. Improves customs processes by generating pre-shipment and post-shipment documents. Sky ERP Export Plus is a commercial invoice generator software designed for export data providers who require a complete and accurate export documentation in India. The user-friendly interface reduces the amount of work for the user by eliminating duplicate-data-entry. Shipments details are managed with simple workflows. Send important information to customs authorities and generate required documents like the bill of lading.

Pre-Shipment Documents

Sky export plus enables you to effectively manage the pre-shipment stages by providing you documents in detail for each stage. Following Pre-shipment documents in export are created by Sky Export plus.

  • Cost Sheet
  • Sales Contract
  • Order acceptance
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Invoice
  • Packing Lists (Combine)
  • Special custom invoice
  • Draft bill of lading
  • Form SDF
  • Certificate of origin (12 chambers)
  • GSP Certificate
  • Marine Insurance declaration
  • Shipping Instructions
  • Shipment advice
  • Intimation for inspection
  • Certificate of inspection
  • Certificate of health
  • Certificate of analysis
  • Correspondence with shipping lines
Post-Shipment Documents

Sky export plus enables you to effectively manage the post-shipment stages by providing you documents in detail for each stage. Following post-shipment documents are created.

  • Bank Invoice
  • Commercial Invoice for export
  • Commercial Packing list
  • Bills of exchange
  • Cost sheet
  • Bank Certificate – Horizontal format(Form No.1)
  • Bank Certificate –Vertical Format (Form No.1)
  • Shipment Advice
  • Letter to bank for collection/negotiation
  • Payment received entry
Document Management

It allows you to attach original documents with the invoice. It helps in digitization of documents, you can scan the original documents and attach it to any export commercial invoice template or packing list. This helps in easy retrieval of documents at any time. A lot of pre shipment and post shipment export documentation are created which includes invoices, packing list etc. The document management module helps in storing, orderly management and retrieving these documents with ease

Advantages of Sky ERP Export Plus

Our users voluntarily tell us Sky ERP Export Plus is the most user friendly and productive export documentation system available. It allows users to process international and domestic shipments in seconds, including numerous documents, invoicing and processing numerous additional features and interfaces. It is powered by numerous advantages that make it significant for the export industry

  • It offers excellent flexibility at different stages of export documentation
  • Systematic flow of data avoids duplication of work’
  • Faster generation of documents’
  • Validation avoids the chance of errors
  • LC documents Expiry and last date of shipping alarming
  • Outstanding payment alarm
  • User friendly interface makes the understanding of the software easy for a layman as well.


  • Browser Based Application
  • User Defined Dashboard
  • Digital Signature Integration
  • State of the art and user friendly interface
  • Facility of e-mailing of documents
  • Export data to tally accounting software and MS Excel
  • Item master can be created with images of item
  • Data entry screens look similar to the actual documents
  • User defined reports generation
  • Packing list for export can be generated as per the users format.
  • Documentary Letter of Credit expiry and last date of shipping alarming
  • Check list for documents required
  • User defined letters
  • Label printing
  • User defined fields can be added to masters and documents.
  • Local IGST Bill
  • E way Bill generate online
  • Maker Checker
  • Barcode and QR codes recognition
  • Barcode (Dhava Portal for Pharma Industry)

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