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HRMS Software

The automation of repetitive and time-consuming tasks associated with human resources management system frees up some of the companies most valuable employees and allows the focus to shift to culture, retention, and other highly impactful areas.

Importance of HR software

Sky ERP HRM is a comprehensive cloud-based human resources management system software (HRMS) that targets small, medium and large-sized enterprises. Sky ERP HRM helps improve overall business outcomes and holistically manage the organization’s complete workforce. It presents a digital HR experience for a majority of common HR scenarios and assists in managing the organization’s workforce effectively. This makes tracking employee functions and sharing operational documents easier thus saving time, efforts and lowering costs. The Sky ERP HRM suite helps HR departments become more personal, productive and strategic.

The Sky ERP HRM consists of following modules Employee Management, Attendance and Leave Management, Appraisal, and Performance Management, Payroll and Taxation Management, and Recruitment Management. We provide free HRMS software online demo.

Industry Expertise

Sky ERP HRM serves more than 1000 customers in over 10 states. Their client base crosses a range of industries, such as software, healthcare, financial services, education, construction and nonprofits. Notable customers include X, Y and the Z.

HR Management:

Organizations can cover core HR needs with this solution. In addition to data storage, track benefits, store documents, use workflows for common tasks and more. The Advantage package offers advanced or customizable options for several components.

HR software features:

(Key Features) And Benefits of HRMS software

Employee Information Management:

The Employee Information Management module facilitates HR professionals to focus on pro-active, strategic work by automating the routine, reactive, "admin" work. Sky ERP HRM Employee Information Management consists of Department, Division, position, pay grade, designation and shifts. Sky ERP HRM Employee Information system automates all Employee Self Service activities covering Employee Details -Official Details, Personal details, Communication Details, Employee Additional details –Qualification, Skills, Test, Training. Also Tax benefits, previous employer details and asset details can be obtained. There are also the following reports that can be obtained Appointment Letter, Confirmation Letter, Relieving Letter, Termination Letter, Event & Reminders Register – Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, etc. Sky ERP HRM Employee Self Service Portal has Emailing on all events including Submission of an application, Approval and Rejection. Auto Mailing features. Powerful reporting system to track status of all requests in Sky ERP HRM Software

Leave & Attendance Management:

Sky ERP HRM Software automates all Leave, Working on Weekly off / Holidays and Comp Off workflows. Client specific policies on Leave entitlements, eligibility, leave combination, prefix / suffix with WOFF / Holidays and carry over can be set. Sky ERP HRM software gives you tremendous flexibility to set rules as per Grades, Levels, Departments, Sections, Appointment Types, Employee Categories etc.. Clients can set Leave Approval hierarchies as per their requirements. Sky ERP HRM System has an auto emailing system for all the 3 events – Approvals, Rejections and Leave Applications. Sky ERP HRM Attendance Management Software has provision for Shift Management, Weekly Off and Holidays rostering, Organization specific rules for Attendance Incentives, Half Day and Full Day working and Shift Allowances can be set. Sky ERP HRM has various options for importing attendance data. Clients can import attendance data either from excel or from attendance machine with manual overriding option. Sky ERP HRM has a work from home option along with Out Door Duty option is also present. Sky ERP HRM works seamlessly with any type of time tracking hardware like biometric devices, RFID, smart cards, etc. Attendance can be obtained with a single click on Muster creation. Monthly or daily attendance can be seen using the muster register.

Payroll Software Services:

Sky ERP HRM Payroll software module is a User Friendly, Flexible, Parameter & Policy Driven Comprehensive Payroll package. Payroll software module is an important activity in any organization. Sky ERP HRM Payroll Software has been specially developed by Hazel India for automating Indian Payroll and Salary. With Sky ERP HRM Payroll software it is possible to maximize the potential of HR and Accounts through timely and accurate Salary Processing, efficient handling of Reimbursements, Loans & Advances and Government of India statutory / Compliances requirements including all PF and ESIC challans, PT, LWF, Bonus and TDS. Sky ERP HRM Payroll software module puts all the information in the hands of employee, be it - viewing Salary slips, Reimbursement Slips, Expense Slips, or any kind of historical information including Increments history. Automating Payroll in India with Sky ERP HRM Payroll module will reduce the work load on HR and Accounts staff, facilitate confidentiality, produce error-free information and enhance speed in accessing Salary related information. Because of its integration with Software it offers a single view of all data to both HR and Finance departments.

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Taxation and other declarations:

SKY ERP HRM Taxation Module allows all employees to enter Tax Declarations, Form 16, Proofs, Reimbursement Bills, Restructure Reimbursement heads (Flex Benefits), upload Expense Claims as well as Reimbursement bills and much more.

Appraisal/Performance Management:

As an add-on feature, the performance management module provides tools that support improved employee performance. Users can set and monitor goals, build employee and company performance reports, take evaluations, and gain feedback from peers on strengths and weaknesses.

HRMS Software Training :

Training and Recruitment

HRMS Recruitment Module is a comprehensive web based recruiting and talent management solution that streamlines and accelerates entire hiring process from identifying current vacancies, creating job postings, tracking applications, scheduling interviews, selecting candidates to managing joining process of new employees.

HRMS Recruitment Module allows you to enhance your recruitment process by making it simple, transparent, intuitive and interactive. It incorporates functionality to structure and speed up the recruitment process; so that the organization can acquire the right talent from a long term perspective. This enables you to build up and source from a qualified, global pool of internal and external talent. Applicant-tracking and reporting functions in the HRMS Recruitment Module help organize the processing of job applications and monitor the effectiveness of the recruitment function.

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