Export Procedures and Documents for AGRO based products

Exports are incredibly important to modern economies because they give people and companies so many more markets for their products. The role of exports in determining economic development is seen as a major policy issue in many developing economies such as India. Over the past decade, India has become one of the major exporters of agricultural products. India is among the top 15 exporters of agricultural products in the world.

The experience of many countries around the world suggests that the export orientation of the agricultural sector is one of the prerequisites for its success in world trade. India occupies a leading position in the world trade in agricultural products. The country has become a major exporter of certain agricultural products such as rice, spices, raw cotton and sugar.

India has evolved export competitiveness in certain specialized agriculture products. There is a great demand for organic food in various countries and the products exported from India are of good quality and at low prices.

India's export growth over the past decade has been the highest of any other country, with an annual rate of over 21%. India has become a very important player in the world market.

There are various challenges in documentation process faced by an Agro Exporter:

  • Automation in work
  • Retrieval of data
  • Accurate and complete documentation
  • User defined reports generation
  • Document management
  • Awareness about licenses
  • Chances of human error in documentation process
  • Lack of flexibility at different stages of documentation
  • Lack of systematic flow of data
  • Chances of avoiding due dates

The one stop solution for all the challenges is Sky ERP Export Plus.

SKY ERP EXPORT PLUS helps the exporter to complete the export document management process stepwise, as required by the export process:

  • Step 1: Enquiry
  • Step 2: Proforma Generation
  • Order Placement
  • Order Acceptance
  • Invoicing
  • Packing List and other documents
  • Customs Clearance
  • Bills Negotiation
  • Receipts of Bank Certification

Sky ERP Export Plus is the most comprehensive web-based export documentation software suite that functionally covers export documentation and business intelligence report management. It Improves operational efficiency by automating the manual steps in export processes.

Sky ERP Export Plus is useful to meet the End to End licensing documentation, monitoring export benefits, the advanced features of the letter of credit, monitoring of export shipping processes. It helps in faster generation of Documents.

Sky ERP Export Plus saves time in Export documentation, optimizes the use of export incentives and licenses, increases sales with strategic sales analysis tools, speeds up the reporting process leading to corrective decisions and avoid penalties using system-generated pre-alerts.