Top 4 characteristics of the Best Service Tracking and Management Software

A service management software offers various services to different companies but in particular maintenance services. Having the right calendar and schedule for services provide the technician with the right plan to carry out his tasks throughout the day.

Wise Track is the best service software with daily activities and accurate reports which is developed by Everex Infotech and enables an organizations workforce to effectively perform customer and product services.

It is also an effective complaint ticket booking software and allows organizations to record, resolve, and respond to customer complaints and requests, as well as facilitate feedback.

An ideal service tracking and management software should be able to provide an organization with the following solutions:

1. Track daily activities of Technicians and Sales support:

With a huge number of employees and field technicians, it can be difficult to track the daily activities of the engineers and how many services have been performed. Wise Track has many helpful features which make it great for organizations who want to monitor their service technicians routine and service details. With WiseTrack as the best service software with daily activities and accurate reports, you can not only monitor but also schedule the daily activities of the engineers.

2. Get accurate and classified reports:

With WiseTrack Service Management Software, you may also track monthly or yearly reports of the services, maintenance schedule and customers complaints. The software also offers to track reports of active and inactive customers. Engineer performance, AMC renewal, comprehensive and non-comprehensive reports are also generated through the software.

3. Generate complaint ticket booking number:

Every business these days require an effective complaint ticket booking software to get advanced reporting functionalities as well as a great collaboration with the customer and engineer and also to receive customer feedback. In a complaint ticket booking software the processes of handling, managing, responding and addressing, and resolving the customer grievance/ product servicing are monitored and tracked end-to-end.

4. Real-Time Monitoring and Control of the service activity:

Is it imperative for the organizations to note which service tasks are underway, completed or pending. This software can show us the real-time data of the complaint ticket and all in-hand tasks of the companys field technician.

Wise Track is a web-based service tracking and service management software, developed by Everex Infotech. It helps to improve the productivity and collaboration of the field technicians.

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