KDOC Plus®



For those who go that extra mile to exceed expectations, we present the KDOC Plus®. It has unique features like anytime-anywhere instant accessibility for your information and a central storage hub that is secure and safe. KDOC Plus® additionally gives your smart and systematic storage, (configurable) backup, business continuity and retrieval, document continuity, positive communication, progress tags, version control, and many such important features. Key Features include but are not limited to:

  • Online Storage Do not let your work get affected when you are on the go. KDOC Plus® lets you sync files across your devices and also ensures that it is accessible anytime.
  • Documents Management Convert documents to digital forms; get faster access to business documents, essential files and folders through automatically organized records and OSS/BSS Capability.
  • Integration with MS-Office Special plug-ins for MS Office and MS Outlook enable documents created in MS Office to be automatically managed and stored in KDOC Plus® system.
  • System Customization Setup and customize the system according to BSS and organizational policies. Define metadata and categories as per the organization’s database and requirements.
  • Version Controls Control management of changes to documents and other collections of information. Recall specific versions and rollback changes as per requirement along with backup of previous versions.
  • Automatic Backup, Storage and Retrieval KDOC Plus® integrates with existing systems and applications using standard storage protocols which enable automatic backup and storage while offering a virtually unlimited cloud back-end. This well organized backup also facilitates easy retrieval.
  • Administrator Controls Administrator is given controls with rights to define users and access controls. Controlled and well-defined access rights, securing the data access and restricting unauthorized access becomes easier.
  • Database Backup, Meta Data Attribution and many more…

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