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Modernizing Business Correspondence Management solutions provide complete facilitation and office automation system for all outgoing and incoming business correspondence movement. Such solutions can present your organizational objectives with a central repository that stores data and that can provide a ...

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Implications for Goods and Services Tax

With the Rajya Sabha moving all the four GST rates in the parliament a week back, the nation’s biggest and revolutionary tax regime GST benefits (Goods and Services Tax) has become a reality. Boasted as the most subversive tax ...

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5 things to look for in your GST software !!

1. SecurityNeedless to say, in today’s digital business security is one of the most significant assurances. Secure software will protect classified business information and avoid any sort of agreement that may pose a threat to your business. You need to ...

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Choosing a Document Management System: A Guide

Choosing a Document Management System: A Guide Having an organised working environment is essential for the success of a business practice given the current difficulties such as customers and clients expecting faster response in real time and increasingly burdensome regulatory ...

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Export documentation software 1. What is the meaning of export? Exports are sale of goods out of Indian custom barriers. This is not a secret, that in export-import business, people in India and in other developing countries can make the biggest ...

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What is GST software? And What are the benefits of GST software?

Sky ERPGST Plus The enormously talked about GST implementation has become a reality. The Goods and Service Tax, a unprecedented and revolutionary step in the Indian taxation system, is being proclaimed as the biggest tax reform in India. GST will ...

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Projects successfully launched for Ministry of Textiles

2 centralized web portals ‘Handloom Weaver Information System ’ & ‘ Handloom Cluster Information System’ ( which create a precise data repository of the Weaver Households involved in India’s handloom industry, along with a ready-to-use MIS, were successfully delivered for ...

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Cloud Optimization

When the famous poet William Wordsworth wrote I wandered lonely as a cloud, That floats on high o’er vales and hills he might have never imagined even in his wildest dreams that cloud might one day refer to computers, ...

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Artificial Intelligence

While movies and science fiction novels depict AI as the cruel machines or robots that take over the world, travel across space and time, can track and has answers to every query, can cause mass destruction, etc these are only ...

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