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Top Record Management Software In India For Lawyers And Law Firms

A document management system is helpful for organizations to maintain their documentation records. Many of the industry verticals, such as hospitals, law firms, and other businesses require to maintain the document records for a mandatory period. Document Management Systems, also ...

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Easy to Use, Best Record Management Software in Mumbai. KDOC PLUS

Kdoc Plus is a web-based software and a comprehensive office automation arrangement that supports the users to automate all the document processes, easily. This software has been planned to create, digitize, store, retrieve, and secure different types of office documentation ...

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In the financial year of 2020-21, the marine products and seafood exported by India were 11,49,341 Megatonne. The approximate value of these export was about 43,717 crores according to MPEDA. The seafood exports from the country have witnessed exponential growth and rise ...

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Export Documents required in Tea export process

Exports are goods and services produced in the country but then sold to customers residing in other countries. Exports are a very important tool in stimulating the economic growth of a country. Exports also help create more job opportunities, which ...

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Features Of Secretarial Task/correspondence Automation Software

E Secretary simplifies and automates the management of correspondence, to make it the secretariat and automate organizational activities. It has features of email merge, bulk label printing, Mass mailing, security options and other benefits. E secretary also helps to reduce ...

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Running Your Export Business Remotely In 2022 With The Best Document Management Software

With the change in times due to the global pandemic, many organizations have shifted to the remote work culture. This change in work culture has physically separated the employees from the office. Some of the processes in export industry used ...

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Important Documents Required in an Export Process

Any export process requires certain rules and regulations to be followed which are required by the law of the land. These regulations require a lot a documents for custom clearance by the authorities. This means that businesses engaged in exporting ...

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Export Procedures and Documents for AGRO based products

Exports are incredibly important to modern economies because they give people and companies so many more markets for their products. The role of exports in determining economic development is seen as a major policy issue in many developing economies such ...

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Top Reasons To Migrate To The Best Record Management Software In India For The Year 2022.

Record Management involves management for the effective and methodical control of the creation, receipt, maintenance, use, and disposition of records. Organization records are stored and maintained today by many companies in digital file folders. The best record management software in ...

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KDOC Plus A Document Management Software catering every industry and each business need!

KDOC Plus A Document Management Software catering to every industry and each business need! Document management solutions have evolved from simple file storage engines to sophisticated data classification systems. Upgrading to a good and simple document management system can not ...

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